sobota 29. srpna 2015

This is not how champions play!

We all saw it guys. The reigning champions lost to Crystal Palace. I didnt even think Palace were that good to be honest. They just benefited from our poor play. So many mistakes, misspases in our build up. It really pissed me off.

I knew it was going to be a tough game right ahead. Eagles are a decent side, i watched all of their games this season, the quality they have in that attacking trio Zaha, Sako and Punch is unbelievable. Plus they have a fantastic midfielder in that Cabaye guy. Seriously, why didnt we buy him?

If you compare both sides you come to an intresting discovery. We had 64% of ball possesion and we still managed to lose. Something needs to change. And it needs to change now. International break now, most of the guys going off to play for their countries, even though I personally think no one deserves to be picked. All the spaniards were bloody pathetic today, I really really do not understand why Rémy always start on the bench, even though every time he comes on he scores ... i mean the list  of things I dont understand goes on.

Kennedy looked pretty good, and If Im being honest I would drop most of the people who played today and swap them for these guys. Ivanovič is shite for the past few months and Mourinho still lets him play. I mean, dont spend 20 mil on a left back if you dont want to play him, even a not 100% fit Baba will play better than Ivanovič.

My ideal line-up for the Everton game: Courtois-Azpi,new signing, new signing, Baba - new signing, Matič - Pedro, Oscar, Hazard - Rémy

I have to say, Im not a big fan of big money transfers, Id much rather see Mourinho improve the play with the players he has now, because, to be fair they are the champions, they all are extremely good football players, and they are all EXTREMELY OVERPAID so why on Earth arent they playing like theyre ment to be.

But if I have to say who i would like to see come into the squad in the next couple of hours it would be .... Ill post it in the next article.

ALTTKTBFFH (At least try to keep the blue flag flying high) !

pondělí 17. srpna 2015

We need to wake up (Man City game review)

God, I'm so fed up with Mourinho. We were at the center of attention in the papers all week. That must have some kind of influence on the players. 

First things first, how he behaved to Eva was disgraceful. She has been doing her job very well since she came in the team, she was there at Munich in 2012 and has been a great head-doctor since then. She behaved well at the Swansea game, she did was she was supposed to do when summoned by the refferee. Swearing at your employees (+ Mourinho even isn't Eva's employer) is absolutely outrageous and in my opinion, Mourinho should have been fined or at least warned by someone in Chelsea. I'm still waiting for him to apologize and reinstate Eva and John  Fearn back on the bench.

Secondly, he has to stop making excuses. Last week Swansea should have got the credit for playing good football,and getting what in my opinion was a fair result since Courtois's sending off was 100% correct. And again, Man City didn't get Mourinho's credit yesterday. Lets start off with the postitives.

Asmir Begovič. Man, was he brilliant ... It could have been 3 or 4 nil after the first half an hour. He was calm with all the crosses and made those two crucial outstanding saves against Aguero. Yeah, and thats about it.

Our defence is rubbish. There i said it. First and foremost it is lacking pace. 10 seconds in and Aguero is behind them and infront of Begovič? Surely, that cannot happen. Sterling was doing whatever he wanted to on the right side of our defensive line, and he didnt have to do much. All he did was kick the ball around Ivanovič and run, and the serb had not chance at all. The first goal was pure evidence of our defense being uncapable of doing anything. 

I agreed with the half-time substitution, that was quite predictible to happen. Listen, Terry is the captain of our team, and a true Chelsea legend. I have got nothing but respect for him, but his form is dropping down rapidly. Nevermind, I think Zouma is good enough to step in, he is faster, more creative than Terry. The other two goals were concieded after two personal errors by Ivanovič, who i sincerely hope will not be in the squad next week.

I think we did quite well in the second half, although I wouldn't exaclty call it "controlling the game" as Mourinho did. Whe had a few good chances, Hazard needs to be scoring those if he wants to be on the level of Ronaldo and Messi. Falcao seemed good, hitting the post. Yes, of course. The game could have developed differently if the refferee had given Ramires's goal, which in my oppinion was just on-side. 

We can bounce back against WBA. I'm sure of it. Some changes need to be done though. With Baba Rahman in the squad now, I'm suggesting moving Dave to the right and replacing Terry with Zouma: Baba-Zouma-Cahill-Azpilicueta at the back.

Although I think Fabregas is invariably poor so far, we don't really have anyone better to replace him with (maybe we should think about buying Isco?) so I would leave Matič-Fabregas in the middle.

Now i sincerely hope Oscar is fit enough to play, 'cos I didn't think much of Ramires yesterday. Hazard-Oscar-Willian. But for heaven's sake. Let Hazard play on the wing! I saw him changing with Costa in the attack, that is no place for him to be at! Nor is the number 10 role! Which brings us to Costa... I'm not a big fan of this lad, especially because I don't agree with the nasty way he plays, so I would much rather prefer Rémy or even Falcao in the starting lineup. But I guess that is a matter of oppinion.

What changes would you make? Leave a comment and keep the blue flag flying high! :)

sobota 6. června 2015

Season is over, Mourinho ready to strengthen the squad.

I think we deserved to win the league. We were better in every possible aspect of the game, and as Mourinho said at the POTY award dinner, "you have to score one more goal than the opponent to win the game", which is exactly what we were doing through the whole season.

But the season is over now, and us Chelsea fans know, that the next season will be way more difficult. Man Utd have been spending big on new signings and the transfer window hasnt even opened yet. They already signed the fantastic Memphis Depai of PSV Eidhoven, and are looking to improve the squad even more, with sources suggesting that Louis Van Gaal is interested in Matts Hummels, Ron Vlaar, Aymeric Laporte, Raheem Sterling, Petr Čech and Morgan Schneiderlin. 

United will be good next season, and so will Arsenal, and we HAVE TO BE PREPARED. And what worries me the most is that the names we have been linked with are not making any sense to be at the moment. Now its clear that Petr Čech and Didier Drogba wont be continuing to play for us, so I would understand that we need to buy a 2nd choice goalkeeper and a 3rd choice striker. It looks like good old Brad Friedel will be taking Čechs place, but why on earth are we considering Falcao as a replacament for Drogba??? This guy is absolutely pathetic, He has been showing very poor performances since his departure from Madrid, especially in at our rivel club Man United!! It doesnt make any sense, plus he will be sooo expensive to pay! 

I think that we dont need to worry about the striker place at all. We can do with Costa+Rémy, and maybe bring back Patrick Bamford (he had an astonishing season at Boro). What I think we need is an extra holding midfielder to team up with Matič. Even though Fabrepass had a fantastic first half of the season, he hasnt been quite doing it since then. Not to mention that Mourinho enjoyed using him next to Hazard and Willian in the trio attacking midfielders. That leaves us with Ramires and Obi Mikel. John Obi Mikel has been in the club since 2006 and I think it might be the time to move on now. He doesnt play too often and when he does, its nothing special. I would also sell Ramires, who hasnt been very good these past two season, which would leave us with two spare places for defensive midfielders. 

I would go for Pogba of Juventus. Definitely. Great player, incredible pace, i think he would do well in England, since he was here already. He has proved himself good enough at Juventus this year, taking them to the final of UCL and wining Seria A. 

And for the other place ... Ruben Loftus-Cheek. A product of our academy, fans will love him. He has had an amazing season so far in the Youth team, he was one of the main reasons we managed to win the YUCL, and I think he is ready now to make it in the A-team. 

Thats it for today guys, that is my wish list, let me know in the comments who would you like to see in the team next year (either from the academy, or from a different club). Enjoy the UCL final today anb KEEP THE BLUE FLAG FLYING HIGH!

sobota 21. února 2015

A campaign ... ?

Must be surely. How else am I supposed to understand the performances of referees in every single game we play in the Premier League?

Martin Atkinson today. Two obvious penalty calls, none given. A bone-breaking challenge on Matič in the 69th minute worth at least a yellow card, but still nothing given. I'm not even suprised by Matič's following reaction. This kind of behaviour might be normal in the Balkan countries, but not in the Premier League, so a clear red card for the "spider", but how is it possible that Ashley Barnes got nothing? That i won't understand.

After steaming off like this I have to admit that our performance was poor today, apart from Hazard I can't think of anyone showing any kind of class today. When we're 1-0 up we have to keep pressing, and we just need to kill the game off. Because you never know what could happen.

What annoys me the most is that I don't hink Burnley earned even the point they got. All they were doing through the game was just fouling our players and trying a few long distance shots on Courtois.

All in all I think FA should call it a day, back off from the english football, and let some real referees in, like Dr. Felix Brych, Nicola Rizzoli, Bjorn Kuipers, Pedro Proenca etc. The english would go and try working somewhere like Spain, where the game is a bit less physical.

Let me know in the comments what you think :)