sobota 21. února 2015

A campaign ... ?

Must be surely. How else am I supposed to understand the performances of referees in every single game we play in the Premier League?

Martin Atkinson today. Two obvious penalty calls, none given. A bone-breaking challenge on Matič in the 69th minute worth at least a yellow card, but still nothing given. I'm not even suprised by Matič's following reaction. This kind of behaviour might be normal in the Balkan countries, but not in the Premier League, so a clear red card for the "spider", but how is it possible that Ashley Barnes got nothing? That i won't understand.

After steaming off like this I have to admit that our performance was poor today, apart from Hazard I can't think of anyone showing any kind of class today. When we're 1-0 up we have to keep pressing, and we just need to kill the game off. Because you never know what could happen.

What annoys me the most is that I don't hink Burnley earned even the point they got. All they were doing through the game was just fouling our players and trying a few long distance shots on Courtois.

All in all I think FA should call it a day, back off from the english football, and let some real referees in, like Dr. Felix Brych, Nicola Rizzoli, Bjorn Kuipers, Pedro Proenca etc. The english would go and try working somewhere like Spain, where the game is a bit less physical.

Let me know in the comments what you think :)

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