sobota 29. srpna 2015

This is not how champions play!

We all saw it guys. The reigning champions lost to Crystal Palace. I didnt even think Palace were that good to be honest. They just benefited from our poor play. So many mistakes, misspases in our build up. It really pissed me off.

I knew it was going to be a tough game right ahead. Eagles are a decent side, i watched all of their games this season, the quality they have in that attacking trio Zaha, Sako and Punch is unbelievable. Plus they have a fantastic midfielder in that Cabaye guy. Seriously, why didnt we buy him?

If you compare both sides you come to an intresting discovery. We had 64% of ball possesion and we still managed to lose. Something needs to change. And it needs to change now. International break now, most of the guys going off to play for their countries, even though I personally think no one deserves to be picked. All the spaniards were bloody pathetic today, I really really do not understand why Rémy always start on the bench, even though every time he comes on he scores ... i mean the list  of things I dont understand goes on.

Kennedy looked pretty good, and If Im being honest I would drop most of the people who played today and swap them for these guys. Ivanovič is shite for the past few months and Mourinho still lets him play. I mean, dont spend 20 mil on a left back if you dont want to play him, even a not 100% fit Baba will play better than Ivanovič.

My ideal line-up for the Everton game: Courtois-Azpi,new signing, new signing, Baba - new signing, Matič - Pedro, Oscar, Hazard - Rémy

I have to say, Im not a big fan of big money transfers, Id much rather see Mourinho improve the play with the players he has now, because, to be fair they are the champions, they all are extremely good football players, and they are all EXTREMELY OVERPAID so why on Earth arent they playing like theyre ment to be.

But if I have to say who i would like to see come into the squad in the next couple of hours it would be .... Ill post it in the next article.

ALTTKTBFFH (At least try to keep the blue flag flying high) !

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