středa 25. prosince 2013

Chasing the title

Now with only two games till the end of the year, we can see that the top of the table is very balanced. Liverpool and Arsenal sharing the first two places with the same amount of points (36), but the Reds will be stepping in the next rounds with a slightly better score. Man City one point behind, leaving Everton and us at the bottom of the top 5.

We are playing Swansea and Liverpool in the last two rounds of this year. Looking back at the games we recently played (vs. Arsenal 0:0, vs. Southampton 1:2) I haven't got the courage to predict if we are capable of beating these two clubs. I guess that now our "beloved" coach Mourinho is finally back, we should all just sit quite in front of our TV's and watch our blue boy's playing another of their boring matches.

I hope we can all agree, that something must be changed. But what?

I think we can probably start with discuising our defense. The amount of opportunities we let the opponent have from their corner's is amusing. And this is not just a problem of our defenders. Whenever we "screw" up a attacking chance nobody is coming back, we get so many goals from counter attacks and when we manage to defend ourselves ... -> corner and we are already one nil down.

This goes back to our coach not picking players that are capable of doing all this at once. Attacking, scoring goals, and defending as well. I might be the only one on this but there are a few players that just keep on losing the ball in the middle which we really don't need to happen. Ramires, and Oscar for example. For some unknown reason, these two players happen to be Mourinho's favourites.

If it's possible for Mou to see that Cole is not very good and replace him with a much better Azpi, why can't he do the same with Ramires or Oscar? I just wish I could see Essien and Mata on their places more!
Mou is just continuing on picking his favourites and leaving the real stars on the bench just like he did in Madrid.

And I'm afraid that we won't be seeing a 5-0 victory at the Bridge any soon thanks to our misfiring strikers. I'm afraid I don't know what could help here. I think our strikers are good, at least good enough for a club like Chelsea, but why aren't they scoring? Maybe it's a little because our midfield usually Oscar and Hazard keep on passing just between themselves instead of setting a run for Torres or Ba. (not Eto'o!). And again Mata or David Luiz are good at these cheeky little passes into the box. See? We have got a lot of players, we can rotate whenever we want, but we must switch players that aren't doing well for players that are. This should be a rule for substitutions in the game as well. Why is Torres leaving the pitch for Luiz to come in, even though we are clearly a better team, and we could easily get three points out of Arsenal? I will probably never understand such logic. Never mind.

The transfer window opens in a few week and I'm interested if anyone will be joining our superstars. Or leaving? I honestly think that we don't need anyone, that we just need to train harder and improve ourselves, but there's nothing we fans could do about that, only keeep on supporting our lads! KTBFFH

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