úterý 1. října 2013

Spurs review + Steaua preview

Last game that we played was against our London rivals, this time from the northern part, Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham were favourites with all their new players like Eriksen, Lamela, Soldado. I think that the starting lineup that Mourinho chose was good. Even though I think that that Cahill + Terry is the best possible defence, David Luiz played pretty well. We didn't start the game very well with Lampard, Mikel, Ivanovič and Luiz making terrible mistakes leading to the opening goal scored by Sigurdsson. I didn't think much of Spur's play after the goal. Diving was on their daily schedule. Mourinho finally put Mata on for the second half, and he completely changed the game. After a beautiful free kick by Juan, Terry scored. The only negative point of the game was probably the red card for Torres at the end of the match. Chelsea were looking good in the last twenty minutes, and I believed we would have won if it wasn't for the red card. It's a pity, because I have to say I didn't see any foul commited at that point. If he wanted do give Nando a red card, then he should have done so earlier, when Torres patheticly scratched Vertonghen. It's a shame, we could have won.

Another game in the Champions League today, this time against Steaua Bucurest. I personally think Steaua is a better team then Basel, so it will be a much harder match than two weeks ago. The situation is harder even because Hazard is injured, so is van Ginkel, and Mourinho didn't nominate de Bruyne for the upcoming match either. So what could the starting lineup be?

Čech - Cole, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovič - Lampard, Ramires - Schurrle, Oscar, Mata - Torres

Gary didn't play in the last match so I think and hope, he will be playing today since he is our best defender. Ramires will be probably moving to his normal position next to Lamps and leaving André Schurrle some room in the attacking trio. I don't think Mourinho is pissed at Torres for being sent off or something, so I think Torres will be our number one striker for today's match.


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