sobota 22. března 2014

Arsenal Preview

So, It's the London derby today. Even though Mourinho keeeps sayin' we aren't good enough to win the league this year, I think different. We are good enough. We just musn't loose to clubs, that are situated in the middle of the table or lower. City are playing Fulham today with Liverpool peeking to Wales for today's match in Cardiff. I expect them both to win, and getting 3 points, which leaves us with a simple task today to keep up the tempo for the league trophy - WIN. We are certainly capable of this, even though Arsenal are playing very good football this year.

(Un)fortunately we can't use Willian and Ramires to face The Gunners. I think that this means we'll see a rather defensive duo Lampard-Matič with Hazard, Oscar and Schurrle above them. Even though Arsenal are having a very good run for the cup this year, the weren't perfect in the last few games. Only a 1-0 win over Spurs, before that a 0-1 lost against Stoke, before that a splendid game against Sunderland, but even before that, in February a goal less draw at the Old Trafford and a massive defeat 1-5 against the Brandon Rogers's Liverpool.

Personaly, I am preddicting a entertaining match with a 2-1 victory to our team. Overall we are playing at our home ground at Stamford Bridge where we haven't been beaten yet in a very very long time.

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