úterý 8. dubna 2014

PSG rematch preview

It's the Champions League 2012 all over again, a lost 3-1 away at the Park of Prince (that time in Napoli), a home win against Spurs and then ...? Hopefully we'll finish the third game as we did last time. Win 4-1 in the extra time, or even better, not concied a goal at home and win 2-0 in style.

Let's have a little flash-back and have a look at our starting line-up from the magical night at the Bridge: Čech - Ivanovič, Luiz, Terry, Cole - Essien, Ramires - Mata, Lampard, Sturridge - Drogba. 
Well, 4 of these players are not at Chelsea anymore, I am pretty sure Cole won't  start since Azpi has been brilliant in the past months. So this leaves us with Čech, Ivanovič, Luiz, Terry, Ramires, and Lamps. It's quite clear, that we need to score goals, so we need a lot of attacking players, but ALSO we must not let in any. 
I hope the classic defence Ivanovič,Cahill, Terry, Azpillicueta won't do any mistakes like they did a week ago. It's a pity we can't use the only two players that seem to be doing great in the past weeks. (Matič, Salah) + it looks like only of the duo Willian-Schurrle can play. So what do I think will the starting line up look like today? Easy. Čech-Iva, Cahill, Terry, Azpi-Lampard, Luiz-Hazard, Oscar, Willian- Eto'o.
Ramires can't play so I am pretty sure we will see Frankie from the start next to David Luiz, and Samuel Eto'o has just recently recovered from his injury, so I am not really sure if he'll start or not, but even though I don't consider him as a very good player, but I hope he's going to be playing against PSG, because Torres is in a very very poor form lately.

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