sobota 28. září 2013

Spurs preview

If we don't count our game against Manchester at the start of the season, which was terribly boring, this match will be the first hard test for Mourinho's team. It will be very special, because Spurs's manager is our ex-manager André Villas-Boas. No need telling, that where once was a big frienship, there now is nothing but a cold relationship.

After failing at Chelsea, he went to our rivals from North London, where Daniel Levy actually gave him any chance to build a team with prospective players. Along with Arsenal, I think Spurs will be the hotest candidates for this year's trophy.

It will be a very hard game today, and I think we cannot really count ourselves as favourites in this game. We weren't showing the best that we have so far, and unless José makes some serious changes we won't win. I have to say, I really liked the performance in the first half against Swindon, and I hope that is how we gonna play today. Now let's have a look and our possible lineup.

Čech - Cole, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovič - Lampard, Mikel - Hazard, Oscar, Mata (Schurrle) - Torres

I think there is no doubt about the goalie and the defence, but we have some problems in the midfield. Ramires and van Ginkel are injured, which leaves Lamps, Mikel, and Essien. Now even though Essien played an extremely good match on tuesday, I don't think he will get a chance to start today. Lampy is just the number one player on this position, and Mikel was one of our best in all the matches so far. Now, above them Oscar is for sure. We established that he is Mourinho's favourite for this season, even though Mata is still way better. I think that Mata did show his quality on Monday, and that Mourinho will finally let him start today. It is true that this is a very important and difficult match, so if by any chance Mourinho still isn't sure about Mata playing on the right wing next to Oscar, he might let André Schurrle play instead. And our striker? Torres was our man of the match on Monday, seriously one of his best performances, but you can't really take it that seriously, because it was "just" Swindon. But anyway, if Eto'o starts today, then there is something seriously wrong going inside our manager's head.


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