středa 18. září 2013

Basel preview

I just wished Mourinho won't underestimate the swiss team. We did go past them in the Europa league with out him, so it shouldn't be a problem now, when we have got Him. Mourinho said he we can expect four U22 players in the starting line-up. I guess this will include Mourinho's favourites Oscar and Schurrle. We can only speculate about the other two, but I think one of them will definately be Eden Hazard, and the other one will probably be Marco van Ginkel making his first official Chelsea appearence, or maybe even Kevin de Bruyne. So what are the probable line-ups?

PROBABLE LINEUP:  Čech - Cole, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovič - Lampard, van Ginkel - Hazard, Oscar, de Bruyne (Schurrle) - Ba

Mourinho finally understood, that David Luiz isn't the right man for the defending position, so I think the english duo Cahill + Terry will be ideal. Ivanovič as a right back? Well he is one of Mourinho's old time era players, so I guess our coach will always give him the preference. Lampard - quite obviously the star of our London club - this time maybe playing with a new partner. With Ramires unable to play due to his red card in the Munich match, and Essien not even registered for the Champions league matches, there are only two real possibilities left: Mikel - but acording to some newspapers he is struggling with a small injury, and our new dutch youngster: Marco van Ginkel.
Hazard and Oscar,  quite obviously in the starting XI, but this time without their third amigo Juan Mata. Instead of him, it will be either Schurrle or De Bruyne operating on the right wing. And above them? We've got Torres, Ba, and the "lovable" Samuel Eto'o. Anyone BUT Eto'o. I am sure that either of them will do better then the Camueroonian. Now let me just show you how I would like to play it:

Čech - Bertrand, Terry, Cahill, Azpilicueta - Lampard, Mikel - Hazard, Oscar, Mata - Ba (Torres)


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