středa 11. září 2013

Who am I?

Hi guys,
first of all, I am a Chelsea fan. I've supported Chelsea since I was a little boy. I always dreamt to go and watch the Blues play at the Bridge but as you probably may found out already I don't live in England. No, even though I am half-english, I live in a nice small country in Central Europe, called Czech Republic. Football is very popular here, our local teams produced loads of quality players in the past like Pavel Nedvěd, Milan Baroš, Jan Koller, and of course our two main recent players the wonderful Tomáš Rosický and the number one goalie for Chelsea, Petr Čech.

The reason I started writing my own blog is, that I got quite angry with the czech Chelsea fans. As supposed, there are lot of them here, but I got a feeling they aren't true fans. They don't seem to have their own opinion on anything, they always agree with whatever anyone says or does. So I just thought, I could write my own opinions about Chelsea's signings, preformances, matches, whatever ...

I pardon my english, I guess it's not perfect, but I hope, that you will enjoy reading my little shouts, and maybe leave a little comment, so we can discuss :)

Cheers, KTBFFH

3 komentáře:

  1. I guess you mean Pavel Nedvěd :) but very nice article, Peter Cech is the right man in the right place for us :)

  2. Yeah I did mean him :) , it's just that Petr Nedvěd is also a sporstman in our country, so I got them mixed up , thank you very much :)

  3. Cakeyyy on the roll