středa 11. září 2013

Everton preview

Okay, a big match coming up on saturday against The Toffees. We are playing away, but I think we should still be able to win this match quite easily. It's obvious that it would be foolish to underestimate a team like this, so I think José should use the best he has. Everton have loads of decent players starting with Jagielka and Baines at the back or Mirallas and Jelavič up at the front. I am not sure if Lukaku can play against us, so I won't comment on that topic.

It is clear, that Mourinho shouldn't continue with whatever he was doing  till now, and should let ( I think our best player) Mata play. With the transfer deadline over, we have got soo many atacking midfielders like Willian, Oscar, Hazard, De Bruyne and many others. I personaly think that it's a waste of money to have this amount of players playing on the same position but okay.

So put Mata in the starting eleven and stick him with the one and only "Eddie" Hazard. Most of the games, we have been playing with three attacking midfielders, so the question is who will be the third one. I think it is quite logical to say that Mou will let Willian start as well, since he payed all that money for him.

Striker - a position that I personaly do not count as solved. Before the transfer window opened, there were rumours, about Mario Gomez from Bayern Munich moving to one of the english clubs. Chelsea were trying to get him to come to London, but he chose Fiorentina instead for some reason. Since then there have been many bids for strikers from Chelsea including Wazza Rooney, that unfortunately ended up unsuccesful. When they announced that Rooney ain't coming, it was quite clear to me that the striker replacing that gap won't be as good. And this is the point were I disagree with the czech Chelsea fans. Eto'o signed, and everyone here got really happy. I thought "what the bloody hell is going on?". With all respect, I don't like that guy, and I really hope Torres will kick him out of the squad. With all that Eto'o said about Chelsea in the past years, he must be joking, joining us now. I really really hope Torres will start on Saturday, and I really really believe he will do well :)

Defence - I am not very sure here. John Terry wasn't playing in the last games for Chelsea, nor for England, so I guess it will be Ivanovič and Cahill in the middle and Azpilicueta and Cole on the sides. I would be quite suprised if the defence would be different. I always liked when Chelsea tried out academy players, and Bertrand will always be my favourite player for that reason, but I don't think Mou will use him. Now, I think that the defensive midfielders are the only part where I am not worried. Lamps, Essien, Obi Mikel, Luiz and Ramires, all suitable for this position, and I really don't care who will play, even though I would love to see Lamps and Essien back together.

Please feel free to leave comments and support Chelsea on Saturday! :)

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