středa 25. září 2013

Swindon review

I was looking forward to this game very much, because I was excited to see all the other players, that weren't playing much so far, or maybe even at all. I was satisfied with their performance, but my overall happiness affected the injury of two of our midfielders, Marco van Ginkel and Ramires.

The first match was very exciting, Swindon seemed as a very decent opponent, and it looked hard to break through their defence. We didn't really show much effect until van Ginkel got injured, and the substitute Ramires changed the game completely. After Torres missed his first chance, he then finished Mata's shot. Ramires added another goal, after Torres making a beautiful pass.

The second half was a bit boring, Swindon were better in the second half than we were. Willian missed two open goals, with stealing a certain goal for Torres as well.

The man of the match for me was definitely Fernando Torres, because he scored one, and set up the second. On the other hand, if it wasn't for Essien, Swindon would have scored a few goals for certain. He and Ramires were very confident in the defence, and also starting up most of our counter attacks.

This was a good match for Mourinho to see which of the players, that he had left out in the past few weeks have the quality for playing in the regular squad. I think Mata, Essien, Torres and Bertrand can definitely play league matches all the time, the problem is that each of these players have a colleague on that position. Essien playes the same position as Lamps, Ramires, Mikel, and Luiz, so I guess he will have to work very hard to persuade the coach to pick him for the matches. Torres is definitely better than Eto'o or Ba, no doubt about that, but Mata has the hardest job. Too many players playing on the same position as him, and they are all certainly very good. I feel sorry for Bertrand though, because Liverpool made a bid for him in the summer, but he refused with saying that he wants to play for the club that raised him up. That will be hard though, because we have Ashley Cole as the number one left back at the club. Good luck to them all.


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