sobota 14. září 2013

Disappointment at the Goodison Park

Everton proved that they are still a very good team even without Fellaini. The spanish manager replaced him by the highly experienced englishman Gareth Barry who came from Man City. Barry proved to be a very good purchase with being one of the best players in the todays match.

Chelsea started with a very strange line-up. José chose Cole, Terry, Luiz and Ivanovič to help Čech defending Everton's attacks. It was nice to see captain JT play again, but I personally would have chosen Cahill next to him. The goal that we recieved was entirely David's fault.  Ivanovič played well but he isn't really the attacking right-back like Azpilicueta is. And Cole just carried on with his dreadful performance.

As I wrote before the match, I was quite confident with our defending midfielders. I think Mikel - Ramires didn't play that bad at all. Mikel started the match a bit weirdly with loosing the ball nearly every time, but he got a bit more self-confident after the brake. Ramires played very well indeed, with crossing the ball at Eto'o right at the start or actually shooting after that.

Mata got finally picked for the starting eleven. Good choice, he played well, got into some pretty good chances. I thought Hazard was a bit selfish most of the times, but I had the feeling that he was the only player on the pitch that actually wanted to score and turn the game on to our side. Schurrle wasn't very good either, but I think and hope that it's just the lack of experience.

Eto'o was picked instead of Torres or Ba ... well he did exactly what I expected. Absolutely nothing. He kept loosing the ball and made about one good pass in the whole game. He also missed a lot of open goals, and missed a certain goal right at the start of the game after a lovely cross from Ramires.

Substitutions: Oscar on for Mata - didn't make much sense to me, but the commentator said, it was something to do with Mata's fitness, so let's hope is o'right.

Lampard on for Schurrle - good decision, but not even Lampard managed to do anything, he didn't even try one of his classy long shots.

Torres on for Cole - This was a bit weird, José probably wanted him to play up front with Eto'o, but this meant Luiz had to move to the left side witch made everything even more catastrophic.

I watched the whole game today, and I have to say we should have been able to win this game. If it wasn't for Čech we would have been at least 3-0 down. But on the other hand, if it wasn't for Eto'o we would have been 3-0 up... I am just very disappointed. :/

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  1. Don't be sad my cakefriend. We have some quality on our side and i'm lookin forward to seeing some quality matches in the future. KTBFFH