pátek 20. září 2013

Fulham preview

A home game against Fulham. In our last three games in this season we have experienced a defeat. And some defeats they were. The emotional lost in Prague in the European Supercup, a 1-0 disappointment at the Goodison Park and the famous defeat at the first round of the Champions League against Basel. But even after these crushing facts we are still the favourites. I don't understand that, Fulham are a very good team. Even though they handed their club legend Mark Schwarzer to us, they succesfully replaced him with the wonderful dutchman Steklenburg. It's true, that their head coach is struggling with injuries, with Ruiz, Briggs certainly out of the game, and the biggest stars Berbatov, Bent and Steklenburg having some problems as well. But Mou is rotating the team too much, and so far it's been proven to not to work.

There certainly need to be changes, no doubt about that. This time I'm not going to write the starting lineup that I think will start or that I would like to see start. I am going to write the best possible lineup that José can put together at the moment, and just hope he will grant me this wish and calm us and all the other Chelsea fans with a nice win.

Čech - Bertrand, Terry, Cahill, Azpilicueta - Lampard, Essien - Willian, Mata, De Bruyne - TORRES

And why is this you ask? It's simple, cut the players that have not been showing desire, or the capability to turn the Basel game over, out of the squad (Hazard, Luiz) and replace them with players that I believe have a bigger potencial to do that (Willian, Terry). Willian did very well in his first game, and no one really knows what made José to take him down of the pitch. Our legendary captain is known for his quality headers which I believe to be very important when having a corner opportunity. Cole has been absolutely useless in the last games, and Bertrand deserves to get a chance to prove that he is much better than his older colleague. And to solve the other side of the defence, Azpilicueta is the right man for that job. And Eto'o? I'm sure that he's trying to do his best when he's playing, but he is about as useful as money in Arséne Wenger's wallet. Get that guy out of the pitch, José!

Seriously, I think that our "new" coach is trying to turn the winning Chelsea into Mourinho's Chelsea. We did hate Rafa Benítéz when he came to Chelsea, but we did kinda forgive him and thank him when he left leaving us the Champions of the Europa League, ey? Well we celebrated the return of the "Special One" in style, but we all know this could end up like Benítéz started. With hatred and tears.


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