středa 18. září 2013

Home game against Basel - review

And again, I am very very disappointed. I wonder what the problem is. Everyone expected Mourinho to be Chelsea's saviour, and so far, he is more then failing. The lineup was weird. Luiz was trusted as a defender, even though he was rubbish in the last game. Van Ginkel was very bad. Unable to control the ball, he kept fouling and fouling. Both of the halfs were catastrophic and boring. We had one lucky counter-attack lead by Luiz right at the end of the first half ended with a lovely shot by Oscar, and scored. I consider this goal as lucky, because we didn't really do anything at the Basel hald before this goal, and we didn't do anything after it neither.

I would have tho$ught that after the break, we would play a bit easier, but I had the feeling that we were even more stressed. And this is when Mourinho comes in. First sub: Mata in for Willian. I didn't understand this move, we were wining, okay, but only by one very very lucky goal, and we didn't have the game under control at all. If Mourinho really wanted to put Mata on for a equal position, then I would hoped it was for Hazard. I normally like his style, but he was showing of too much today. He kept on loosing the ball, didn't stop falling down with every opponent's touch. Bad first decision Mou, very bad. More to come.

Right after this, we let in a goal. A very nice one, I have to say. The reaction was simple. The fans wanted a win. Eto'o was useless on his own. So why not add another striker? It would be more reasonable to put Torres on, at this particular situation, but no, we can't put Torres on, because our Special Coach didn't even let him to warp up the bench. Demba on for Lampard, followed by Mikel for van Ginkel. This had consequences: second goal in for Basel, scored by Streller ... (who?, never even heard of this guy). Anyway, we lost at home, on our first CL game. Good start Mou, carry on destroying Chelsea :)

Sorry about this, I got a bit carried away :/ . I am really disappointed in the final score today. A lost against a team like Basel at the Bridge is ridiculous. There must be radical changes, or we'll loose against Fulham at the London derby as well.

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